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Are you interested in real estate investing? Perhaps you’re new to real estate or maybe you’ve been doing this a while. Either way, you’ll find the ROI Wealth Watch podcast to be full of insider knowledge. You might even say real estate secrets, but only if by secrets you mean the things only a true real estate veteran has learned the hard way. This is the show that will help you learn to buy real estate in the right markets at the right times.

Speaking of veterans, the ROI Wealth Watch podcast is hosted by Jared Garfield a veteran flipper, hedge fund manager, and turn-key provider with more than 20 years experience in the school of real-estate hard knocks. Jared is joined by his co-host, Tom Obenchain, a self-proclaimed investor advocate who wrings every bit of knowledge out of his co-host, Jared, so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re wanting to add to an already sizable rental real estate portfolio or start one from scratch, you’ve found the right education resource in the ROI Wealth Watch podcast.

May 28, 2018

Before the typical new investor pulls the trigger on buying their first rental property, they’ll do mountains of research on cap rates, cash-on-cash returns, and market economics. Those are all good things, but an equally important factor tends to get swept under the rug: landlord/tenant legislation.

When choosing where to invest, knowing the legal landscape can make a big difference. 

It would take an eternity to delve into each state’s specific laws, so instead Tom and Jared cover the generals. That way, you can be aware of certain trouble areas when you enter tenant-friendly states.


“We don't have to fear laws if we're fair to our tenants.” –Tom Obenchain


In This Episode of ROI Wealth Watch:

In states that favor tenants: 

  • Landlord access notices can be troublesome
  • Tenants can withhold rent if essential services aren't provided
  • Tenants can make repairs and withhold the cost from the rent
  • Rent increase notices must be given early than necessary
  • Extensive remedy periods are required before evictions
  • Security deposit amounts and return periods are limited
  • Termination notices for leases can vary


Resources Mentioned in This Episode: 

Wealth Watch Words of Wisdom:

  • Look at more than just the numbers when choosing a state to invest in. Look at legislation, too.
  • Avoid Hatfield-McCoy style conflicts with your tenants.
  • However, don't be scared to defend your rights as a landlord when you need to.


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